Mapping Lead Conversion for Local Business Owners

The Ask

In an effort to understand the full experience between local business owners and their customers, I was tasked with mapping the journey from a pre-prospect to a new customer.

The Goal

This would help us understand the end to end journey while highlighting pain points, bottlenecks, and areas of opportunity for discovery.

The Brainstorm

We held a brainstorm to ideate about all the potential actions that might happen across the funnel. We focused on touch points to understand what different scenarios might occur and their outcomes. As we whiteboarded
I organized actions into stages so that we could distinguish the different motivations behind for each user. These were mapped to a spreadsheet for feedback with product.

Key Takeaways

  • Several possible actions are taking place at different times

  • Non-linear journey with various touch points

  • Actions trigger key events that start a stage

  • Need to communicate interactions taking place

Design Iteration

Based on the key takeaways, my goal was to communicate how the first iteration was designed to show the concept of the flow through stages, and indicate how areas of the experience are reliant on triggers. I broke the map into segments defined by "Stages" or "Key Events".

Stages: define the actions that trigger a motivation or decision

Key Events: are the decisions that lead to the next stage of actions.

Final Map and Exploration

Below is the final map which shows the flow of a pre-prospective customer becoming a new customer. The stages (in blue) separated by the key events. In each stage are a number of actions that may occur in any given period of time before a decision is made, this is when the event occurs and becomes a milestone to the next stage of the process. Ive also detailed how customers become promoters and help drive more business to the client.

Pain Points

Upon feedback and discussion, this map has helped highlight potential areas of improvement and bottlenecks in the local business owner experience. The red indicators below are areas that have been targeted for discovery and validation.

Next Steps

The goal is for this map to serve as a living visual document to educate and update new parts of the process, uncover new opportunities to adapt, and design experiences to better serve our clients.