Mapping Lead Conversion for Local Business Owners

The Ask

In an effort to understand the full scope of our clients interaction with their customers, I was tasked with mapping the customer journey from a Pre-prospect to a new customer or return customer in order to understand the end to end experience.

The Goal

This would help us highlight bottlenecks to validate or areas of the experience that could be improved to satisfy needs for both our clients and their potential customers. 


The Brainstorm

I held a brainstorm to go broad and ideate about all the potential actions that might occur during this journey. We focused on the ideal scenario to show what a frictionless experience would look like end to end. We labeled post-its with potential actions, which lead to grouping these actions into stages. These stages were defined by different triggers that would occur on behalf of the clients motivations driving the journey. Originally an excel spreadsheet was used to record and map these stages and actions, but after feedback realized is was too linear and didnt accurately represent the process.

Key Takeaways


  • Nonlinear journey with several possible actions

  • Time periods can vary for actions to take place during stages

  • "Events" or decisions trigger the next stage of actions

  • Triggers are reliant on both parties compliance of the given task

Local CX ideation flow.png

Design Iteration of Final Map

Based on the key takeaways, the first iteration was designed to show the concept of the flow through stages, and indicate how areas of the experience are reliant on triggers. I broke the map into segments defined by "phases" or "milestones". The Phases define the actions that can take place which trigger a motivation or decision. The Milestones are the decisions or motivations that lead to the next stage of actions.

Local CX journey map drawing.png

The Polished Final and Further Exploration

Below is the final map which shows a successful flow of a pre-prospective customer becoming a new customer. The stages (in blue) separated by the events. In each stage are a number of actions that may occur in any given period of time before a decision is made, this is when the event occurs and becomes a milestone to the next stage of the process. Ive also detailed how a positive result can turn customers into promoters and help drive more business to the client. This may happen through word of mouth (referral), sharing a review online, or contacting the business for future work.

local product CX Map v1.png

Pain Points

This map has helped open up discussions about areas of improvement and bottlenecks in the local business owner experience that are leaving our clients and their customers underserved. The red indicators below were areas that had been targeted for validation. Through quantitative and qualitative research we were able order and prioritize these problems by the frequency and importance of our clients needs.

local product CX Map v2.png

Next Steps

The goal is for this map to serve as a living visual document to educate and update new parts of the process, uncover new opportunities to adapt, and design experiences to better serve our clients.